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How to Pick a Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Many foreclosure defense attorneys will take your case regardless of the merits in order to take your money.

In the foreclosure field there's many entities attempting to take advantage of desperate consumers.

Prior to picking the law firm to represent you in your foreclosure defense matter you should keep these points in mind:

1) Attention My Case Will Get: How many cases does your attorney handle?

Ask the law firm the number of cases each attorney is assigned to handle. Many firms will take cases regardless of their current workload. Unfortunately in my experience I've seen firms give over 80 cases to a single associate in their firm. This will almost certainly guarantee your case will not get the attention you deserve.

2) Will My Complaint Be Boiler Plate?

I've seen many law firms merely change a couple words in a Complaint and think this is sufficient to uphold their due diligence requirements.

3) What Law School Did My Attorney Attend?

Here, it's important to focus on the law school and not their undergraduate degree. I suggest confirming that the law school your attorney attended be ranked in the top 100 Law Schools. I give this suggestion because these law schools stress the importance of ethics requirements. Unfortunately in my practice the most unethical attorneys tend to attend law schools which are not highly accredited.

4) Check Your Attorneys Record on CalBar's Website

If you write your attorneys name on the law schools name they attended should be listed. Furthermore, there will be a list of any disciplinary actions against that attorney. Make sure to be aware of any disciplinary actions any attorneys may have been involved in.

Be proactive and perform your own level of diligence, ask your prospective law firm these questions.

Here at Lynx Law Firm we have a firm policy of limiting the number of cases each attorney can handle to assure the highest level attention and the highest level of work product for each client. Make sure your prospective law firm is more than a Complaint drafting factory.

- Armen A. Yeghiayan

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